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Never order anything from this company.When a offer sounds to good to be is!

The skin product arrived 10 days after I ordered it. 12 days after my bank card was chged $99. Called them back and told them I wanted to return this and despite the money back guarantee for a 30 day supply they said that was not possible and he said that they would wait for a call from my bank.

I could barely understand him and my bank said always use a credit card for on line purchases.Learn many lessons from a worthless company.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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This company is a SCAM!Not only did they charge my credit card $109 fifteen days after, they refused to refund my money.

I spoke with a "Sean Murphy" who claimed he was a supervisor. He had a very thick eastern Indian accent and I could hardly understand him. Save yourself some trouble and NEVER buy from them. They are not in the USA.

I sent them their *** back at my expense and was told they would keep $20 for restocking.

BUYER BEWARE!!They are a scam!


When ordering on line, I buy and use a gift card that has a certain amount. So, if I'm scammed, at least it's for only a nominal amount, I kept the trial cosmetic I ordered and there's no way for the scammer to charge me a second time.

to Anonymous #1094970

One of the smartest ideas I have seen yet.In fact, because I sent the products back to them at my expense, I will get the gift cards and order them again - just because they gave me such a hard time.

That will be my way of scamming the scammer!Thanks so much for the idea.........


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